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Michele McCoig Photography

Capturing your moments, one photo at a time, since 2018

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My style

I enjoy photographing a wide range of images; portraits, candid shots, group photos, documentation of key moments, sport activities and human interaction.


My objective is to capture the personality and essence of a subject in an interesting, flattering and esthetic way.

I use my photographic skills to create images that are original and unique, candid and expressive. I am content when my images communicate engagement, empathy, honesty, respect and sometimes humor. Inspiration is found in nature as well as the people and the things that surround me. 

About me

Behind the lens, Michele McCoig, a people and event photographer based in Zurich Switzerland.


A business professional for twenty+ years and a mother, I am an event and people enthusiast. I love the energy and excitement around events and people who are passionate about topics that matter to them.


I enjoy photography as an artistic medium of expression and the creativity that it has to offer. In 2018, I took a year to pursue that interest and completed a CAS (Certificate of Advanced Study) at the University of Fine Arts in Zurich. Since then, I have expanded my experience one photo shoot at a time, with continuing education courses, and self-study.


The marriage of photography and my experience in international marketing has enabled me to quickly identify key themes that need to be conveyed from a photo shoot.


If you have a networking event that should be published on social media channels, or need portrait/lifestyle images for personal or public use, I’m here to help.

I enjoy photographing a wide range of images, from portraits to candid shots, and posed group photos, documenting key moments, activities, and human interactions. My fundamental objective is to capture the identity, personality, and essence of a subject in an interesting, flattering, and esthetic way.

I use my photographic skills to create images that are original, unique, candid, and expressive. I am only content when my images in turn communicate engagement, empathy, honesty, respect, and sometimes humor. I find my inspiration in nature, people, and things that surround me. 

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