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Michele McCoig Photographer

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behind the lens

My photography: I am a portrait and event photographer in Meilen and the greater Zurich area. I enjoy photographing locations and anything that moves, including people, pets, children, athletes, … the list goes on! 

I capture emotions and moments. I’m driven to find original, unique, and humorful ways of representing people and things that move me. I find my inspiration in nature, people, and things that surround me. 

About me: Born and raised in the USA, I work and live in beautiful Switzerland. My attraction to photography started with my first handcrafted camera, made out of an oatmeal container, in primary school. Since then, my life’s journey has taken me to university, through various marketing positions and across continents, only to bring me back to my true passion, visual expression & storytelling via images. 

My portfolio showcases people and moments that are special for me. I hope that they will inspire you for your next photo shooting.





Prices are negotiated at either hourly or daily rates, per package or per photo.


Hourly rates range from CHF 50 to CHF 200, while daily rates range from CHF 300 to CHF 3,000. Prices are  based on the type of photo shooting; time, preparation, editing, etc. 

Since every photo shoot is unique, please contact me to discuss your project and budget. All consultations are free of charge. 

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Is your visual communications up to date? Contact me for a free consultation.

Thanks for your message, I will be in touch shortly.

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Thanks for your message, I will be in touch shortly.

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